All About SureSmile® SureSmile Robotic Treatment

At Van Vliet Orthodontics

The Suresmile® system gives you fewer office visits, less discomfort, and a shorter time in treatment when compared to the traditional methods.

The Suresmile system uses robotic technology and special metal alloys to change the way archwires are created, shaped, adjusted and utilized.

This lets Dr. Van Vliet help you reach your orthodontic treatment goals in a shorter time period than traditional hand-shaped archwires.

Thousands of orthodontic patients trusted Van Vliet Orthodontics to successfully treat them in up to 50% less treatment time.

Better Results In Fewer Office Visits

Your new smile will take fewer office visits and superior results. Most of our SureSmile patients finish treatment and begin enjoying the smile they have always wanted in about 12-14 months.

SureSmile gives our orthodontist Dr. Van Vliet a detailed 3D computer model of your teeth, helping our allowing him to precisely plot the movement of each individual tooth.

Dr. Van Vliet places your teeth in their optimal positions on the computer and then order a custom wire that's bent robotically to within 50 microns of his prescription.

This isn’t like conventional orthodontics, which relies on plaster models and a doctor bending wires by hand.

Benefits of SureSmile Robotic Treatment

  • Up to 50% less time in braces
  • Fewer office visits
  • More exact finish
  • Customized treatment to give you your perfect smile